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It’s a tradition to have home made salumi with the first snow. Every family shares different recipes and there is always a secret ingredient.


Wild Mushrooms Bruschetta

A great combination of aromatic wild mushrooms with caramelized sweet onions, served over country toast.


Nutty Goat Cheese Bites

Soft goat cheese is mixed with aromatics, rolled in nuts and served with honey on the side.


Shrimp in Wine and Garlic Saffran Sauce

Shrimp are cooked in an aromatic garlic -wine-saffron stock. Once coked, they are sprinkled on top with spicy and hot paprika.


Pimenetos del Piquillo with Parsley and Garlic

Pimenetos del Piquillo Red Roasted Peppers are world famous for their incredible sweet and rich flavor.


Octopus with Potatoes

The sweet sea-flavor of the octopus is well balanced by the earthy and spicy aroma of the potatoes.


Stuffed Calamari with Potato-Shrimp Mix

I love surprises. Especially when they come wrapped in calamari. Give me four!

Roasted Bruschetta with Roasted Peppers and White Anchovies

Roasted Bruschetta with Roasted Peppers and White Anchovies

Anchovies make a great snack and are delicious once paired with Pimenetos del Piquillo.