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Stuffed Red Peppers

On the scale for Bulgarian soulful home cooking this will be one of the top choices. The sweetness of the baked red peppers is well balanced with the aromatic stuffing.


Lamb Kufte with Cabbage Salad and Ajvar

Some recipes have to stay locked in a chest. The chest to be buried under a tree on an abandoned island and the map to that place to be burned.


Baked Baby Beets with Arugula

Strikingly rustic in look, tantalizingly earthy in taste,beets
elegant in texture these beet bites will be a great addition to your favorite goat cheese.



Buhti was a favorite breakfast. My cousin liked them with sour cherry jam, my brother with apricot jam. I like them dipped in honey.


Gnocchi with Rabbit Ragu

A dish people will rave about for a long time.


Burrata with Sundried Tomatoes and Fresh Basi

Cut the sun-dried tomatoes and basil to thin strips.

Place the burrata on a flat plate. Cut it into big bites. Arrange the strips of sun-dried tomatoes and basil on top. Add the pan-roasted pine nuts and drizzle with your most treasured extra virgin olive oil.

This dish calls for delicate treatment. I’ll suggest using the finest olive oil you have. What you will get will be a complete fest for your senses. It a great starter for ‘adore-me“ dinner. If you continue with Gnocchi with rabbit ragu and then finish with Saffron Panacotta you will be the star of the night. “Good cooks never lack friends”.


Cauliflower & Kale Cream Soup with Pan-Roasted Pine Nuts

Healthy, delicious, with an elegant finish


Chilean Sea Bass with Saffron and Sauté Dark Greens

Once cooked, the bass has a crispy golden brown layer. The meat is soft and melts in your mouth while your taste buds are ravished by the gentle abduction of the saffron hints.


Black Truffle Risotto with Lobster-Prosecco Cream

If you want to express your feelings without words, this will be the way. It’s a sonnet about temptation, passion, jealousy and absolute adoration.