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Rabbit Stew

My father is a hunter and I had this memory of the stew my mom made with potatoes, vegetable and different herbs. It tastes even better the next day when veggies absorbed all the flavored juice.


Poached Eggs

Bulgarian twist on your Sunday brunch - poached eggs with creamy yogurt and hot paprika dressing.


Chicken Rolls with Gouda and Mushrooms

This recipe will change your family dinner tradition. Brussels sprouts look so delicious, kids may even be tempted to try … and love them.

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Spaghetti with Tomato-lobster Sauce

This is a successful match between the traditional Tomato sauce for spaghetti and the provocative sweetness of the lobster. It takes some time to prepare the sauce, but it's worth every minute.


3 Summer Dips

These are my favorite summer dips. Fresh tomatoes with aromatic basil, open fire grilled eggplant and fried red peppers, as I call them the holy trinity. Joy for your eyes and taste buds.


Grilled Veggies with Tomato Sauce

I love the smell in the kitchen when I roast vegetables. The air is layered with the sunny summer aromas; the basil explodes like fireworks with its freshness.


Arancini in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Arancini - crisp on the outside and filled seductively with melting taleggio on the inside. The spicy tomato sauce highlights the richness of the balls.


Omelette Provencal Style

It’s an easy and quick breakfast recipe. The secret of the fluffy look is the way eggs mixture is gently folded while eggs are still cooking.