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Sausage Crostini with Cheese and Asparagus

The sausage crostini was my favorite breakfast when I was in high school. For this version I decided to add asparagus.



Buhti was a favorite breakfast. My cousin liked them with sour cherry jam, my brother with apricot jam. I like them dipped in honey.


Poached Eggs

Bulgarian twist on your Sunday brunch - poached eggs with creamy yogurt and hot paprika dressing.


Omelette Provencal Style

It’s an easy and quick breakfast recipe. The secret of the fluffy look is the way eggs mixture is gently folded while eggs are still cooking.


Eggs Sunny Side Up over French Fries, Topped with Seared Foie Gras

It’s a souvenir I took from Barcelona – a place with traditions, strong religious beliefs and exuberant creativity.


French Toast with Fresh Berries and Honey

This recipe will take you right to Paris. Well, since we can’t have supersonic flights anymore, instead I can transport you with my recipe quicker that the Concorde.