Category: Desserts


Plum Cake

One of my favorite movies is “The English Patient”. In one of the scenes Hana brings to the patient plums from the garden. “It is a very plum plum”, he says.



Buhti was a favorite breakfast. My cousin liked them with sour cherry jam, my brother with apricot jam. I like them dipped in honey.


Yogurt Bread with Feta Cheese

Add spinach, mushrooms and pancetta for a different twist on this traditional Bulgarian bread.


Midnight Confession

“It’s beyond my control”, as Vicomte de Valmont said in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The hardness of the cake soaked in chocolate-rum syrup makes it impossible to resist.


Saffron Pannacotta with Mango and Fresh Berries

This is simply sublime. The desert is deliciously light in taste and velvety in texture with a burst of summer sweetness from the fresh berries.


Meyer Lemon Cake

Despite my son's belief that a cake without chocolate is not a cake - this is one of the most delicious deserts I've had.


Apricot Nectar with Vanilla Ice Cream

Try this If you still wonder what ambrosia is