Category: Pasta


Garganelli with Swordfish, Mint and Eggplant

This recipe is a Sicilian treat for the taste buds. The mint works great with cooked eggplant and adds a magical touch to the swordfish.


Pea Gnocchi with Lemon Cream and Scallops

Fresh pea gnocchi blend perfectly with saute scallops in the creamy lemon sauce.


Ravioli With Ricotta, Fresh Green Peas and Mint

The fresh green peas-­mint filling is perfectly balanced with the aromatic lemon cream.


Walnut-Goat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

The simple tomato sauce is the perfect match for the ravioli filled with creamy crunchy goodness.


Lobster Ravioli with Mushrooms and Figs Sauce

The taste of the lobster ravioli will inspire you to start cooking.