Category: Salads


Burrata with Sundried Tomatoes and Fresh Basi

Cut the sun-dried tomatoes and basil to thin strips.

Place the burrata on a flat plate. Cut it into big bites. Arrange the strips of sun-dried tomatoes and basil on top. Add the pan-roasted pine nuts and drizzle with your most treasured extra virgin olive oil.

This dish calls for delicate treatment. I’ll suggest using the finest olive oil you have. What you will get will be a complete fest for your senses. It a great starter for ‘adore-me“ dinner. If you continue with Gnocchi with rabbit ragu and then finish with Saffron Panacotta you will be the star of the night. “Good cooks never lack friends”.


Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

The salad is vibrant in color and expressively fresh in taste combination. Once you have a bite will not be able to stop nibbling. Simply delicious!


Roasted Migliorelli Farm Golden Beets & Salad of Sky Farm Baby Arugula

Beet salads seem to be everywhere these days … this one is truly unique with the addition of pear mostarda & Cambazola cheese, a camembert with the blue cheese vein.


St. Tropez Summer Salad

The salad is so pleasant in look and taste that will please even the toughest guest. A single complex bite will bring the bohemian and sunny spirit to the table.


Grilled Vegetarian Plate

This recipe is a simple take of my obsession with grilled vegetables. The smoky taste in combination with freshness of the veggies brings to life my summer affection.


Shopska Salad

Be aware: It’s addictive. They say good tomatoes can do miracles, however combined with Bulgarian feta and the light nutty taste of the sunflower oil, this salad is something you will commit to for life.