Cuisine: American


Plum Cake

One of my favorite movies is “The English Patient”. In one of the scenes Hana brings to the patient plums from the garden. “It is a very plum plum”, he says.


Lobster Bisque

Why be decadent in public when you can have the exuberant experience at your home table.


Cauliflower & Kale Cream Soup with Pan-Roasted Pine Nuts

Healthy, delicious, with an elegant finish


Omelette Provencal Style

It’s an easy and quick breakfast recipe. The secret of the fluffy look is the way eggs mixture is gently folded while eggs are still cooking.


Roasted Migliorelli Farm Golden Beets & Salad of Sky Farm Baby Arugula

Beet salads seem to be everywhere these days … this one is truly unique with the addition of pear mostarda & Cambazola cheese, a camembert with the blue cheese vein.


Edward’s 14mo Aged ‘Surryano’ Ham & Sky Farm Baby Arugula ‘Rolls’

Edward’s in Surry, VA makes some seriously good aged ham – so good they dubbed it ‘Surryano’, a play on Spain’s famous Serrano ham.