Cuisine: Exotic


Lamb Kufte with Cabbage Salad and Ajvar

Some recipes have to stay locked in a chest. The chest to be buried under a tree on an abandoned island and the map to that place to be burned.


Chilean Sea Bass with Saffron and Sauté Dark Greens

Once cooked, the bass has a crispy golden brown layer. The meat is soft and melts in your mouth while your taste buds are ravished by the gentle abduction of the saffron hints.


Midnight Confession

“It’s beyond my control”, as Vicomte de Valmont said in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The hardness of the cake soaked in chocolate-rum syrup makes it impossible to resist.


Tangerines Soaked in Honey and Exotic Spices

Eye stimulating, nose titillating - it's a journey to the exotic land you wanted to explore


Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche

It took me ten years to accept the taste of cilantro and one dish to start my romance with it. It’s an ingredient that brings the dish to its traditional roots.


Seared Tuna Salad

This dish is one of the “easy to impress, easy to make” repertoire of mine. Who said you can’t cook Japanese at home?

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