Cuisine: French


Plum Cake

One of my favorite movies is “The English Patient”. In one of the scenes Hana brings to the patient plums from the garden. “It is a very plum plum”, he says.


Midnight Confession

“It’s beyond my control”, as Vicomte de Valmont said in Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The hardness of the cake soaked in chocolate-rum syrup makes it impossible to resist.


Omelette Provencal Style

It’s an easy and quick breakfast recipe. The secret of the fluffy look is the way eggs mixture is gently folded while eggs are still cooking.


Meyer Lemon Cake

Despite my son's belief that a cake without chocolate is not a cake - this is one of the most delicious deserts I've had.


Poisson En Papillote

Wild Strip Bass with vegetables baked in parchment paper


Brie with Green Tomatoes Confiture

The Green Tomatoes - walnuts confiture is great side for any cheese. Surprise your guests with a new addition to your cheese plate.